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LetterMark Users

If you are a LetterMark user, please contact your internal technical support staff or help desk. RTS works with your companies technical support staff to provide support specific to the setup of your company.

For technical support personal: Please email for all issues which do not result in a service outage for multiple users. If you are submitting user information change requests or adding new users, please use the user spreadsheet provided during signup or downloaded from the LetterMark administrative interface. Use of this form is required to ensure all the necessary data is provided.

For critical issues such as a service outage for multiple users telephone support is available Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 5pm EST by calling (919) 657-0850.

For critical issues outside of these hours please contact your emergency contact as provided during your LetterMark account signup.

Security Products

For support relating to your RTS security product, please email the RTS Support team at