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When LetterMark is installed on a Citrix or Terminal Server, it is common for system administrators to run the LetterMark installation in 'Terminal Server Install Mode' in order to better facilitate installing applications in this enviroment. During this process, any registry keys which are written to the users portion of the registry are stored in a special location, called the Shadow Area of the registry.

This normally does not cause a problem, unless the terminal server administrator starts and configures LetterMark for themselves before returning to the normal mode rather than Install Mode. By configuring the LetterMark software while still in Install Mode, the operating system copies the registry keys specific to the administrator to the Shadow Area. When any user logs in to the terminal server afterwords, Windows automatically copies the values stored in the Shadow Area over the users profile, overwriting any previous settings. This will also prevent LetterMark from auto configuring itself for any new user which logs in because the data copied from the Shadow Area make LetterMark think it is fully configured and ready for operation.


To solve this problem, you must delete the keys for LetterMark which Terminal Service/Citrix has copied to the Shadow Area of the registry. By default, the registry key which stores these values is:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\Install\Software\LetterMark

By deleting this key and all of its values and subkeys, Windows will no longer copy these settings over when a user logs into the terminal server.

For users which have already recieved the administrators profile you should delete the LetterMark registry key for each user which has been improperly configured. These keys are listed below:




Depending on the version of LetterMark you are using, one of these keys may not exist, it is safe to delete both keys for each user which has an incorrect profile, these users will need to be reconfigured and should be prompted for their LetterMark information automatically if you haven't configured automatic setup.

More Information

More details about this problem are documented in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article: