LetterMark Administrative Security Policy

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The security of your LetterMark information is a primary concern of RTS. Due to the nature of dynamic nature of LetterMark enabled emails updates not only affect new messages, but also messages sent previously, because of this, RTS security policies are strictly enforced to prevent unauthorized changes to accounts.

RTS and its agents will NEVER ask for your password! If someone asks you for your LetterMark password you should not give it to them under any circumstance. Your LetterMark password can be used to modify the information for your account and is effectively the key that locks your account from unauthorized tampering.

Standard User Modifications

Modifications to standard users may be made be company administrators or the users themselves. If a user requires a change and contacts LetterMark, the user may be required to verify certain information about their account before the change is made. The information required varies depending on the type of request, but generally requires verification of access to the email address used by the user. There may be other requirements or conditions for changes to standard user accounts depending on your company policies and their relationship with RTS.

Users are encouraged to update their own accounts as this will provide the fastest response time and will ensure that the information is exactly what the user wants.

Administrative Account Modifications

Administrative accounts can only be changed by RTS. Administrative accounts are maintained seperately from standard user accounts, as such an administrator may modify their own user account information, which shows in his/her LetterMark enabled emails.

For security purposes, only the primary contact for a company may make changes to administrator accounts. If you are a LetterMark administrator or designer for your company, you may contact RTS to change your